Meet Johannes

Welcome to a journey of empowerment and ethical AI, framed by Amartya Sen's Capability Approach and Albert Hirschman's possibilism. With over a decade in AI and Machine Learning, I specialize in Capability Sensitive Design—a unique ethical framework for technology.

Podcast Appearances

Tune in to various podcasts where I delve into the ethics of AI, collective intelligence, and more.

The Unfolding Story

My quest to make the world a measurably better place started in Hollywood and led me through the halls of Columbia University, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, eBay, and now, Kingston Business School. Along the way, I founded CollectiWise, a venture focused on collective intelligence.

Capability Sensitive Design

Grounded in the Capability Approach and Value Sensitive Design, this unique ethical framework ensures technology is aligned with human empowerment. It's not just about what technology can do; it's about what it should do.

Ethical Responsibility

In a world where technology can either empower us or lead us astray, taking an ethical stance is not an option—it's a responsibility. Don't be a contributor to a dystopian nightmare; be a catalyst for positive change.