Comprehensive solutions for your business needs

AI Consultancy and Deployment

Leverage cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your organizational needs. Benefit from a unique, ethics-centered approach grounded in Amartya Sen's Capability Approach and Albert O. Hirschman's Possibilism.

Behavioral Science Experiments

Utilize state-of-the-art behavioral science labs at Kingston Business School or cutting-edge online platforms to uncover insights that drive decision-making and improve organizational culture.

Collective Intelligence Services

Empower your teams with collective intelligence solutions designed to enhance productivity, decision-making, and planning.

Digital Courses

Access comprehensive digital courses that explore the future of work, AI, collective intelligence, and more. First course produced by MadeCraft, expected release this fall.

Why Choose Johannes Castner?

My work is deeply rooted in ethical frameworks that prioritize human capability and ethical considerations. With a decade of experience in modern machine learning and AI design, my approach combines technical excellence with a deep understanding of human behavior.